Gandhiji's India: A Myriad Montage - 2009

India has always been a swarming land, engulfed by millions of people, with differing languages, religions, castes, diasporas and identities. A vibrant amalgamation of people, who are visible, yet invisible in this myriad jungle. What represents these common faces, what symbolizes their spirit, what epitomizes their common unity?

It is the Mahatma. More than any other man who has ever lived, the Mahatma is the personal embodiment of his people. Of these nameless millions of men and women, he is the living conscience—the leader whom they follow, the saint whom they revere.

Mahatma Gandhi is the most normal of men. He is universal. Such a man cannot be measured, weighed, or estimated. He is the measure of all things. Gandhi is not a philosopher, nor a politician. He is a humble seeker of truth. Truth unites, because it can be only one.

Mahatma Gandhi is the common man. In his simplicity and straightforwardness, he strikes a chord with hundreds of millions of people who think that he is one of them. He talks in the native language, inspiring the common man with his ideas. Gandhi's all-cultures, egalitarian, democratic organization lays the foundation for a nation that will stand for years to come.

Mahatma Gandhi is the known, behind a thousand unknown faces that represents the myriad montage that makes our country. Gandhi’s India is an ideal that we have to strive for. Gandhi’s India is a land, where each person, rich or poor, man or woman, has a voice, where each Indian strives to attain, not the kingdom of heaven, but a better world for the here and now.