Gandhi: My First Inspiration - 2007
Foreword by Tushar Gandhi

They say a picture speaks thousand words. Every picture, painting has a story to tell, some very graphically, others reveal their stories to the viewers according to their ability to comprehend. The charm of a painting is in its ability to challenge its viewers to search deeper into the canvas and find the soul of the painting as depicted by its creator, the artist.

Gandhi, Bapu, Mahatma has been the muse for many artists, painters, photographers. What you are about to witness is an attempt to discover the man. This time the journey is through the eyes of Ashok Mody, through the powerful images he has created. Using the abstract art form he has painted portraits and still life depicting Bapu as also some instances from his life’s journey, frozen on canvas.

There have been many attempts to discover the man, his belief, his philosophy, his relationships and his soul through books, films and art. Ashok Mody’s is one such attempt to understand the man. The paintings are a glimpse into our past, the history of our nation and the story of its quest for freedom.
Tushar A. Gandhi